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My name is Ibikunle Seyi Emmanuel and I am a Computer Programmer.
I am good in the following computer programming languages: HTML, CSS, BOOSTRAP, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, SQL, MYSQL & PHP and also good in Mathematics because I had my first degree in Mathematics from Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (FUNAAB), PGD Information Technology from National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), M.Sc Information Technology from National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) and I am the MD/CEO of MathsFaculty.com.
Below is the break down on MathsFaculty.com for your child‘s/children‘s mathematics extra coaching and related subjects:
MathsFacuty.com crews have done all the lessons in the 1ST, 2ND & 3RD TERM, Week by week on a video list, just like the way the school teacher writes lesson notes and enters his or her class on a normal school settings, followed by 20 selected assessment test questions each week to assess your child, and 60 questions exam model at the end of each term. Marked and scored by the website with correction and explanation as programmed
Our belief is that by the time your child is through with the nine weeks‘ videos and the assessment test exercises and 60 questions exam model. And when he or she gets to the class and the teacher writes the topic on the pen or chalk board the topic would not be strange to your child, he knows everything already It would look as if your child is doing revision. Because we have already taken him or her through the term. Meanwhile other students are seeing the topic for the first time. There is no way the teacher asks questions that your child will not be able to answer. However, he or she can even play back our videos as many times as possible and do the assessment tests. This website can be accessed anywhere anytime in the world. And is compatible with phones and laptops of different sizes. We encourage our students to watch the lectures first and do the assessment test on weekends prior to the week their school teachers are about to teach the topic for a perfect retention.
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