Terms & Conditions

MathsFaculty.com as the name sounds is a website where we coach students who are in secondary and primary schools offering subjects involving one or two calculations: subjects like Mathematics, Further mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Geography and Financial Accounting.
As you already know that we have three terms in a session.
Topics in each subject per term are treated on videos followed by 20 questions as an assessment test based on the treated topic just like the way a teacher assesses his or her students at the end of the his or her lesson. We also have 60 model questions which our students answer at the end of the term before going into their school‘s examination hall.
The assessment tests have been programmed in such a way that after the completion of the each test the result displayed, which contained;
1. Total number of correct answer
2. Total number of wrong answer
3. Total number of questions
4. Explanation on each and every question.
We advice our students to watch our videos first of which they can watch more than once then proceed to the assessment test of the video in the week they just watched and do it at the given time.